I'm a PhD candidate at the University of São Paulo, working with genetics and evolution. My main research interest is understanding the evolution of genetic restrictions, and how selection can alter and shape these restrictions. Most of my work is computational, but I have also worked with data from large quantitative genetics experiments, trying to link our theoretical knowledge on genetic effects to what we see in real populations.

I'm currently a member of Mammal Evolution Lab, working with my supervisor Prof. Gabriel Marroig in the Genetics and Evolution Department at the Institute of Biosciences. I also do some of my PhD work in collaboration with Prof. Jason Wolf, at the University of Bath.


I'm also a decent double bass and electric bass player, and I've been playing jazz and Brazilian music for 15 years.  I also built my own electric bass from scratch.

 Me playing the bass I built.

Me playing the bass I built.

 I enjoy taking pictures, and you can find some of them in the Photography tab.